Amys Whack Nik Game

Play with the fast Sonic trying this simple free game of action that can really test your skills and your reflexes. If you think that this kind of game could be a walk in the park, then you are terribly mistaken. This particular online game features him and his female best friend, Sonia. Play Sonic by whacking all these enemies called the Swat Bots, as fast as you possibly can.

Sonia and Sonic appear too but you shouldn't hurt 'em. There are three types of Swat Bots to play Sonic Amys Whack Nik game. The Black with blue trimmings is worth 1 point. The Black with red stripe is 2 points and the Blue Swat Bot is worth 3. However, if you accidentally whacked Sonia or Sonic, you lose 5 big points. This mouse-clicking free game is perfect for players of all ages.

Older players who want to release some finger tension are gonna find this one entertaining. As for the kids, the simplicity of this game of Sonic is sure to interest 'em. What's even great about it is that it is composed of several stages you have to find your way to the last of the levels all in one piece. It means that you have to make sure that you don't hack either Amy or Sonic.

They also appear out of the holes and your job is to play being convinced that they remain safe and sound throughout the Sonic online game. Whack them and you'll find yourself losing the round. There's nothing complicated about this one and that's why it's so nice to play. You just have to keep on whacking at the enemies while making sure that Amy and Sonic are out of the way.

With optimum accuracy, it'll be quite easy to play and ace this entertaining flash one. The free Amys Whack Nik game is a multi-level timed Sonic online game and you can only advance to the next stage if you have accumulated the required number of points. You just have thirty seconds to play and finish each level so you have to whack the enemies as quickly as you can.

To play Amys Whack Nik game online, you only have to use the Mouse and its Left Button. In the game area, your mouse will turn into a hammer and you will use that to whack at all those Sonic enemies as fast as you can. Just play pressing the Left Mouse Button and they are eliminated. If you do not reach the required score, the game is over and you have to play it again.

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