Angry Sonic Game

If you know how to play Angry Birds, then this Angry Sonic game will flow naturally for you. In this free online game, you simply have to take down all your enemies and collect all the golden coins that you can. Each game proposes a new challenge so be sure that you plan your moves very well. You are given only three shots for every level.

The key to this game is to complete each level in the least possible tries. If you fail to take down all the enemies, the game will end. You can continue where you left off but your score will be reset. Accuracy and direction is the name of this game. To play the game, simply use the Mouse and its Left Click Button. Aim the cannon with the use of the mouse towards the enemy crabs.

The crabs you have to take down increases in number as you work through the levels. Plan your moves carefully to win. Increase the power of your shots by holding down the Left Mouse Button. When the desired power is achieved, release the button and Sonic will be set flying in the air. Your game status shows at the lower part of the screen.

It indicates how many rings you have collected, how many Sonics you have left, and how many enemies you have to kill. Each time the game resets, you lose your score and start from zero. But you can carry on with the levels by simply clicking on the continue option. Click anywhere on the game screen to scroll from right to left after releasing each shot.

This is not a timed game so there's no need to rush your shots. It will be better if you aim really well so you don't have to waste any Sonic bullet. Remember that you have to make the full use of the three lives you have for every stage. Find a way to play and clear each stage with releasing just one shot.

The golden rings are there only for additional points. There's no need to collect them all if you possibly can't. The main priority is the red crabs. Once they are all out, the stage clears and you'll be on your way to the next one. If you can complete all ten levels without resetting your score, you can call yourself an Angry Sonic game victorious.

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