Cosmic Rush Game

The super fast Sonic finds himself in the outside world and as usual, he has to collect as many golden rings as he can to boost his life, power, and speed. However, this online game plays so fast only a person of skills and high adrenalin level will be able to breeze through it without any problem. Start the game by making yourself familiar with the controls.

The Arrow Keys are used to control Sonic and move him from left to right. It follows that the Left and Right Arrow Keys are used for this game. To make Sonic jump, press the Space Bar. Press it twice and Sonic will fly high. The goal of the game is to reach the finish line as soon as you can. Timing is the key element needed in this free game.

This is not a timed game so it really doesn't matter when you get there just be there in one piece and you'll be good. Watch out for the spikes, the thorns, and the laser beams that are positioned systematically on the road. Sonic can't touch those elements or he'll lose his golden rings and eventually his life if he keeps on doing so.

The best thing about this game is that it restarts automatically each time you lose a life. The stages are played on a continuous manner and players get to restart their game at the beginning of each stage that they failed to complete. Give it time and play the game over and over. Soon, you'll be able to predict where the hurdles are and you'll be able to prepare from them.

That's how you can go further through the levels. You have to jump at the right time and fly when you have to. Land right where it is safe and collect all the golden rings that you see. Those rings are what you need to give Sonic a life boost. If you hit an obstacle with enough rings in your pocket, you will still be able to continue the Cosmic Rush game.

However, if you do so without any rings at hand the game would automatically restart on you. If you´'ve been playing Sonic games for a long time, you know how important those golden rings really are. For every hurdle that Sonic failed to clear, he'll lose ten rings. When he does, pick up more to pile them up. This is not a timed or a scored game. Precision is the only thing most important.

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