Final Fantasy Sonic X5 Game

If you are a fan of Sonic games, then play Final Fantasy Sonic X5 game. Here, you play Sonic in this mode. As such, you are battling it out against the enemy on a one-on-one battle. In the Final Fantasy Sonic game you show how much strategy, skills and power you got. You start to play this cool Sonic game in the intro. Choose to skip it or play it to put you in the mood of the game.

The intro is actually a music video of him running in a dash and flying majestically. After the clip, battle begins. And this is where the heart of Final Fantasy Sonic X5 game is. In the battle, you play Sonic by defeating the True Guardian that has an HP of 50,000 points and you only have 3,000 to start. But you have got something your opponent does not have that is MP or Magic Power.

Are you familiar with the famous Final Fantasy Sonic game? If so, then you'll surely love this one which features him along with a group of warriors. It is a fighting game so you better be good at your moves. The hero and his enemy are given alternate turns. You have to destroy the opponent before he destroys you. On first impression, the enemy is far bigger and stronger than him.

The game challenge is on how to use your weapons, magic and attack to decrease his HP faster than he damages you. This Sonic game requires skills, precision and critical thinking. There's no time to assess your powers or skills during the battle. Before meet the enemy, you must have learned how to attack and use the magic powers. That's the only way you can make your enemy fall.

The control to play Final Fantasy Sonic X5 game is the Mouse. Just choose what you'd like him to do. You got 3 choices: Attack, Magic and Charge. Select Attack to go head on with enemy and try to hit him and decrease his HP. To win Final Fantasy Sonic game you need to lower down your enemy HP until in reaches zero. However, if your HP goes down to zero, you lose the battle.

Play Final Fantasy Sonic X5 game with the powers to bring the enemy down. However, each magic spell would cost MP. Play Sonic using Thunder, Fire or Heal. You can only do one move at a time. You'll be taking turns with your enemy in the attack. Charge would attempt to increase your Attack, Defense, or Magic Skills. Play Sonic fighting enemies in Final Fantasy Sonic X5 game.

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