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This time, Sonic the Hedgehog is in a war with Robotnik. And he has sent many Badniks to defeat him. Badniks are the birds who will try to stop Sonic from getting to their boss. The Sky Chase is an adventure online game that really makes you get up on your knees. On Sky Chase game, he is going to ride on top of an airplane.

He has to control it in such a way he can defeat all Badniks. However, a mere touch of these enemies can cause a good chunk out of Sonic life bar. If you want to play this Sonic challenge and win, you have to kick all the Badniks away. Play this cool entertaining Sonic game by controlling the plane, in Sky Chase game is just like controlling a real one.

The war with Robotnik continues and Sonic the Hedgehog is not the type who would let the evil ones reign supreme. So with all the powers that he's got, he's ready to save the whole world from the evil robot's mad ways. Your job then is to play the game making sure that Sonic does exactly that.

There'll be several dozens, if not hundreds, of opponents coming your way. Before you even get to Robotnik, all his minions will try to block you. Sonic is such a powerful being. With your help, face all of the enemies and eliminate them one by one. Of course you can just dodge a few of 'em. But if the situation calls for a fight, don't hesitate in giving the evil doers what they really deserve.

Guide Sonic's plane effortlessly. Kick away the Badnik birds trying to slow you down. It is only these pesky birds that are keeping you away from your ultimate opponent, Robotnik. Don't let the minor enemies do the most damage. If you think that you're defeated, start the game over again. There's no limit as to how many tries you need to make to come up real victorious in this game of chase.

The Down Arrow is to move the plane up. The Up Key would move it down. Left and Right, to the respective direction.You help Sonic to kill Badnik birds by kicking them. To do it, play pressing Space and they'd be eliminated. Remember that if you touch them, you'll lose a significant amount in your bar of life. One Badnik destroyed is one point. Keep piling up points for a higher score.

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