Sonic 3d Snowboarding Game

Snowboarding fans are invited to play a simple yet very entertaining Sonic 3d Snowboarding game. In this game, your main goal is to play performing some 3d snowboarding tricks over the ramp. To jump over it and perform exhibitions, play pressing the Space Bar. There'll be 15 ramps available in the game. Get on with your snowboard and show the rest of the world what you're worth.

The red lines that show every now and then at the center of the Sonic game screen are the ramps. You have to time your jump in order to do some point worthy exhibition. The further up you press Space, the better trick he gets to perform. At the start of the Sonic 3d Snowboarding game, there are given weather choices that determine the background and the difficulty of your game.

If you love snowboarding, then you're able to say that this game is made especially for you. Lead Sonic into the ramps and make him perform that applause-worthy exhibition. You can do a double back flip, a 360 turn, a somersault or a combination of all 'em. You might even try to discover some rare moves to score bigger points. It's a snow treat for Sonic and you.

Surely, you've got something in your pockets to impress your audience with. Even if you're playing alone, it will still feel good to know that you have just made the highest score possible. Calling all skateboard and Sonic fans to unite and make this game an easy favorite. Sonic may be a hard core superhero be sure that he knows how to make fun sometimes.

This is the game where you can be yourself playing with Sonic like a real hedgehog does. Time your jumps well enough to go over the one thousand point barrier. You've received 15 tries in this game. Be sure to maximize every move you've got. Choose to turn on or off the weather conditions such as snow, sunlight, fog and fire. These attributes only show up if you activate it on the menu

Enjoy the game with many possible tricks. And each trick corresponds to a certain number of points. Play just by pressing Space. You may play it performing more complicated snowboard stunts for a bigger score. Score a Double Back Flip for 1400, a 360 Flip for 1000, and 360 Turn for 500. The other exhibitions that you are able to execute are Barrel Roll, Chillax, and Heel Grab.

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