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Join Sonic Hedgehog in an amazing adventure. Enjoy a cool video game animation, this time he is going to trek the waters. But it will prove to be stronger. First, this Sonic online game is under a secret tunnel and he suddenly gets into one body of water and jumps in it. That's when he will encounter the bad bubbles. The bubbles are indeed feisty.

In Sonic Bad Bubbles, Sonic Hedgehog is trapped under water - he needs your help desperately! try whatever you are able to do for saving him. Not many players can do it. So you better have the courage to get rid and take him out of waters. In this crazy game of the quick Sonic, his enemies are the cause of the problem. They had trapped him with no air or any means of getting out.

There's something cute about bubbles that they're mostly used in online games. And since Sonic is such a popular character, you may assume that he's got his own bubble game too. Well, this one is it. Discover how the nice bubbles turn bad and what should Sonic do about them. The game is a video animation but it shouldn't keep you from enjoying it at all the chances that you've got.

Click on the play button and have your interest satisfied. Surely you've got lots of questions about the game. How did Sonic get underwater and right into the lair of bad bubbles? Is there hope for him? What skills must he use to come up victorious? All these and a lot more are the questions that could be lingering in your head. So if you feel answering them, start playing.

There's a whole new adventure waiting for you in this game. Just don't get yourself worked up with just the animations. There's more than that. You can control Sonic and lead him out of the waters, away from the bubbles, and into safety. Only you can help him now. So don't disappoint our cute hero. The super hedgehog needs you and you've got to be there with him in this adventure!

It is a death zone to play with Sonic, unfortunately. Not even his golden rings can save him now. Play and replay this old video clip. Sonic Bad Bubbles would be a good way to reminisce the old times, when Sega Sonic Hedgehog is the hottest game in the land. Play the funny game which is perfect for all Sonic fans and all the others who have grown to love him over time.

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