Sonic Blox Game

Play the fantastic Sonic Blox game, an addicting Sonic game of tetris. But unlike the usual brick game that you know, this one has its very own twist. The same rules are applied when play this cool Sonic game. There are different types of bricks falling down on Sonic Blox game. Your job is to play Sonic by placing them together to form a straight line. Every brick has it own shape and color.

The more lines you create the higher score you get. Here's the twist of Sonic Blox game - if you play and make 2 or more lines at the same time you score a combo...aside from getting a higher score, you'll make Knuckles, Tails and him appear on Sonic Blox game screen. If you look for adventure play this online Sonic game at once. Sonic Blox is your regular Tetris game made better.

There will be challenging additions in Sonic and the gang. Play expecting to have enemies showing up to do nothing but to ruin the architecture of your blocks. It's a good thing that Sonic comes around to help you out and fix things. You can say that this Sonic game is nothing more than a dose of Tetris. But with all the perks and the pluses included in it, the game breaks out of the ordinary.

You don't have to play and think about Sonic or Knuckles and their misadventures in the game. All you have to do is to focus on how to keep the blocks from reaching the top. There are no rings to collect in this game. But when you see them, it only means one thing - you make a good combination with your blocks. If you're good at Tetris, play this'll love every bit of Sonic in it.

Play Sonic with Knuckles appearing on two line combos, Tails on three, and him on four. They remove all useless blocks on Sonic Blox game board. Control 'em with the Arrow Keys so they'll only go to the blocks that you want removed. However, you find also enemies in Sonic Blox game. The enemies come in a space ship that could ruin your puzzle. Unfortunately, you can not control 'em.

But don't worry. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles can repair whatever damage the enemies have made. Play this terrific Sonic game using the Arrow Keys. Left and Right move the blocks to the desired position. The Down Key would lead towards the designated spot. The Up Key rotates the block so that they would perfectly fit the spot you would put them on. Enjoy Sonic Blox game !

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