Sonic Boom Game

The entertaining Sonic Boom game is a simple distance game with some cool twist. The goal of the game is to reach a distance that is as far away from the starting point as possible. Sonic will go inside the cannon and you have to shoot him out. Note of the angle and the power level that you selected before you release the shot. Sonic Boom is an adventure packed game.

This one can definitely put you on a high adrenalin mode. You might want to play trying other combinations with other characters and see which one will give you the best results. The twist of this online game of Sonic is seen right at its onset as you get to choose which character you play. You are given 50 rings at the start of the game. Keep on playing and you'll get more rings.

More rings mean you can unlock better and more powerful characters. Unlock all characters and play the game to its full potential. You also get to pick the background of your game and you won't need coins for that. Pick form six exciting scenarios and play each one in full speed. To start the game, click on the image of an unlocked character and then on the background you like to use.

Note that each background has its own set of elements, hurdles, and golden ring patterns that you have to brave out. Always remember your only goal fly and bounce away as far as you possibly can. During the game proper, the controls become the Arrow Keys. Use the Up and Down Arrow Key to move the cannon to the desired angle of elevation.

To increase the power of your shot, press the Right Arrow Key. Release your character from the cannon by pressing the Space Bar. But after pressing the Space Bar, your control of the game ends. You can only watch your character as it flies. Hope and pray that it can collect lots of golden coins for you and run a distance that is worth posting to the server.

Don't worry about poor performance though. You can always reshoot and try for a better score. There are a total of eleven characters to unlock in this game, including the random character picker. If you want to change to a different player, simply go back to the menu and reset your settings. Players can save their games and reload them at a later time.

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