Sonic Break Targets Game

Play this adventure featuring Sonic by helping him to collect all nine targets in order to win. Here is an adventure / obstacle game. On this online game of the brave Sonic the Hedgehog, he has to climb suspended bars, rolling platforms, and inclined slopes to get targets, which are strategically positioned all over the game area. Play this Sonic challenge and control him towards targets.

His patented move, the Spin Dash, is achieved by pressing Letter A on the Keyboard. To move him in any direction, you can use the Left Arrow Key and the Right one. The Up Key would make him Jump while pressing Down makes him crouch. The Sonic Break Targets is a timed free Sonic online game. And you play only provided of one life to live. So you better be careful with Sonic.

How good are you at shooting at targets? In this game, you will know exactly how. Let the adventure rolling and click on the start button. You have a level filled with mazes before you. Use your mind and imagination. Try to break the targets and make the Hedgehog run victorious throughout the end of the game. With your help, Sonic can practically do what he needs to do.

The targets are just right there, waiting to be broken. If you perform the right moves, the whole feat becomes a fairly easy one. Finish this game and check out your high score. And if you're in the mood for a next round, start again. Find out if you're able to top your best score on your next try. Sonic Break Targets game is a unique one indeed.

You surely have never imagined that a Sonic game like this is actually possible. Thanks to the creative minds of the creators, you may now enjoy a whole new Sonic treat right off the internet. Anytime you feel like target shooting, don't hesitate to try this game. You'll be satisfied that you did. Go ahead and lay that itch to rest. If you lose a life, you will go back to the beginning of the level.

It is one multi-level game, that has different stages of play. Each stage is going to be a lot harder than the previous one so get your skills ready. Play it with a friend and see which of you break all targets in the shortest time. It is also possible to compare your scores together to determine the absolute winner.

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