Sonic Character Designer Game

Enjoy a simple yet enjoyable entertaining game for kids aged 5 years old and below. No skills are required for this game, only your imagination is important. Give him a good makeover and he'll be the best-looking, best dressed video game super hero in town. In this Sonic game is possible to replace head, hair, mouth, eyes, nose, ears, body, belly, arms, hands, legs, shoes, and tail.

The game has many choices for playing with each of these categories. To change the way he looks, just play by clicking on left and right arrows on the left side of the screen. Then watch him at the center changing his looks with every press of the button. Do you dream of being a superhero maker? Well if you are, then start with this game.

You'll be the one in charge of Sonic. From his basic mannequin body, you will choose what kind of head, hair, and mouth he's going to have, all the way to his personal effects like his shoes and well, belly. You surely will have lots of fun designing while making the best Sonic character of all time. So be sure to max out your choices. Find out which feature goes well with what.

You are free to keep on clicking up until you're satisfied with the outcome. There's no time limit so that means you can play as long as you desire for as long as you have fun. It's the game that even young girls will like. You may forget all about the misadventures of this courageous hero and just make him look good before the fight. Design all you want and do it to your full heart's content.

You have the power to make Sonic look as wonderful as you want him to be. This game is perfect for everybody who is getting tired with how Sonic looks and is willing to give him a nice makeover. But that is not all. In Sonic Character Designer game, you may also choose the color for the body part you've picked. Here are different palettes of colors below the selected category.

This is a game wherein you'll be playing Sonic by choosing your own combinations for making him look unique. When done, name your Sonic. There is one bar at the top of the screen where one can put your name or whatever you might like to call him. You can also play switching from different Sonic backgrounds for better effects on your work of art.

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