Sonic Coloring Game

With your child, color Sonic the Hedgehog to make him look good. The colors can be found on the left side of the game screen. The mouse would change into a paint brush. Play Sonic by using it to choose which color you wish to paint him. You can find two palettes of paints to play with. First palette is already shown when start and it contains 18 special colors.

To reveal the next set, you just have to click on right arrow key beside the palette. You'll find 18 more colors, a total of 36 attractive shades and your kid to enjoy. This is a Sonic online game about painting - to have fun with Sonic Coloring game, click the desired paint, then in that part where you want that color to be painted.

Let's call on all the Sonic fans aged 3 years old and above. Let them play this cool coloring game and enjoy painting, the digital way. Surely, every dad and mom would love to give their sons and daughters their first painting kit. But if doing that can't wait, you may direct them to this game of Sonic that is made especially for the younger ones just like them.

There's nothing complicated here, just choosing and clicking are all that's needed to be done. It's the simplest way to paint not to mention the cleanest too. No need to dip real brushes to water and paint. There'll be no mess on the table either. And at the end of the game, the same wonderful output is produced. You're able to print the masterpiece that your kids made and frame it.

After he's done with the coloring, both of you'd surely feel proud. Choose as many colors as you want on the palette board. Let your child's imagination go overboard. With this game, the artistic skills can freely fly. Find out how good your kid is in the fields of designing and the arts. This rather straightforward game helps. The enclosed shape you chose will be filled with the color.

If you need to change it, pick another one and do the same thing. After a few times, kids should be able to play easily the Sonic Coloring, even by themselves. Guide him in the first few steps and he'll remember it after. Then check on your child and comment on how nice his coloring is. It would definitely boost his confidence and get him ready for school.

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