Sonic Crazy World

Tired of the usual Sonic adventure that other games provide? Well, it's time to level up your game performance and go a notch crazier. Sonic Crazy World gives you twice the fun and thrice the adventure. It is the best Sonic game that you can play with yet. The first level of this game is not that crazy yet, as indicated in therein. But the next 9 are going to test your wits for sure.

Get a hang of the game on the first level and see how many golden rings you can collect and how many colored balls you can get. The first level is also the best place to get a hang of the game controls. The controls of the game are very simple though. You only have to use the Left Mouse Button to make Sonic jump. Sonic will run automatically from left to right.

Your only concern is to play making him jump all the way up to reach the coins. Click on the mouse button for that. Note that Sonic can jump twice as high if you click on the mouse button consecutively. Sonic the super hero has to stay clear of all the things that can harm him. Technically speaking, he can only touch the rings and the small colored balls.

All the others are enemies that he has to avoid like the plague. Note that the rings are not all gold. There are green, red, and blue rings that give off special game boosts. They also release same colored balls that in turn, can provide Sonic with either invincibility or energy. Pick up the blue ball and Sonic will enter into a bonus stage for more power and higher points.

Each ring will release a ball of the same color after Sonic has collected it. Time your jump well and get the especially colored rings for higher points and a bonus. Your score shows at the upper left side of the screen. Right at the middle is the distance that you still have to run. Your energy level is indicated on the other side.

Note that blue rings give you an added energy boost. Don't miss out on them once you see them. To play and win this free game, you need to have proper timing. Jump at the right time so you can get both the ring and the ball. The more items you collect, the higher are the chances that you'll clear the level and get the highest possible score.

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