Sonic Dots Game

Here's the great Sonic Dots - an easy-to-understand, and enjoy game that is perfect for kids and for all Pacman fans. The classic video game Pacman is given a cool twist by Sonic the Hedgehog. Your goal, on the Sonic Dots game, is to play by guiding him all around the maze to collect the dots. If done successfully, you'll gain entry to next level. You just move Sonic with Arrow Keys.

The Cursor would take Sonic to the desired direction. The Up Key moves him up, the Down Key takes him down, Left would direct him to the Left, and Right to the Right. Make sure all movements are precise so he won't get trapped by enemies in this maze. Ever played Pacman? Sure you did. In this game, that's exactly what you're going to do. You'll be Pacman and Sonic all at the same time.

How's that possible? Click on the start button and see why it's more than fun to do that than play Sonic Dots ordinarily. If you haven't seen Sonic in pure Pacman action, now's your chance. And what's even better is the fact that you're on the driver's seat. You've got to direct Sonic who looks and acts like Pacman in this game, by the way towards the dots on the game board.

Identical gaming concepts are applied. The board is one big maze. You have to be precise with your runs and turns so that you won't be cornered by the evil robots. If you succeed in eating up all the dots, then into the next level you will enter. The game is surely a simple one. The extreme popularity of the Pacman game years ago helps. Relieve the same gaming experience.

You're guaranteed to obtain an adrenalin rush from all the fun and the adventure that you are bound to get from the game. Anytime you need a Sonic game refresher, it's the most recommended. The enemies are the Dr. Eggman clones, you find four and you must stay clear of them. Getting in contact with them will cost you a life. You're given only 3 lives to play at the start of Sonic Dots game

However, if you eat a green emerald, he becomes big and strong for a few seconds. This is when you can gobble up the clones. They won't be able to destroy you. Every dot corresponds to a point. Eat all and go to the next gaming level. There is a fruit at the center of the Sonic Dots game screen and eating it'll increase your points. Every 10,000 points merits you an extra life.

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