Sonic Emerald Grab

This is a fairly simple jewel game for kids and adults alike. Simply make three like jewels sit side by side either horizontally or vertically. For every three jewels you eliminate, you are given 10 points each. Pile up on your points to get a high score. Eliminate more than just three jewels at a time and your score compounds. Play the game by swapping the position of two jewels.

Enjoy it by using the mouse to click on a jewel and on any of the one beside it for them to change positions. However, you can only swap places with the jewel that is directly above, under, on the left, and on the right side of the first jewel you chose. This online game is not a timed one. That gives you time to think about the position of next jewels in play.

Try to put them in such a way when the new gems fall down, more sets can be created. Remember that if there are no more possible combinations, the game automatically ends. Enjoy the Sonic Emerald Grab game against other players or simply beat your previous high score. Try to eliminate the jewels on the upper part of the screen first.

That way, the position of the jewels won't change so much. And you will be able to work on the jewels on the lower part of the screen to extend your game. Do your best to keep your game alive. Try to go for 15 points for each jewel by eliminating four of them at a time. You'll be given 20 points if you eliminate five gems and 25 if you eliminate six.

The more jewels you grab with one move, the higher your score is going to be. Since this free game of Sonic is not time restricted, there's really no reason to rush. Evaluate your moves well and use the best strategy. Sometimes, one wrong move can end your game abruptly. With proper planning, you should be able to extend your game longer.

Predict where the jewels should land once you eliminate a string of three. That's how you play this game fairly well. There are only seven kinds of jewels in play in this game and they will be placed in an 8 x 8 matrix. The game flow is rather slow, making it perfect even for little kids who want to play a good round of jewel game with Sonic.

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