Sonic Enduro Race

Enjot an amazing Sonic game of racing, this is a driving game that can put your adrenalin level way up. Help Sonic drive carefully and surely under the almost impossible road conditions of this Enduro Race. You have to fly between the stiff cliffs and brave the wobbly terrains filled with blocks and rocks. Sonic must not crash down or the game is over.

There are 17 levels in this game, each of which promises the play a very exciting play. Drive Sonic's bike with the use of the Arrow Keys. Use the Up Arrow Key to accelerate the motorcycle or move it forward. Press the Down Arrow Key to drive it backwards. If in any case Sonic's bike seems to be falling down, use either the Left or the Right Arrow Key to regain its balance.

If your bike is nosing down, use the Left Arrow Key. If it is nosing up, press the Right Arrow Key. It is possible to press two keys at the same time. The Sonic Enduro Race is not a timed game so that is one big advantage for you. When you think of it, this is the only race where you don't have to get to the finish line as fast as you can.

You just have to get there, with as many golden rings in your pocket as you can. The more golden rings you have, the higher your score is going to be. Play it driving carefully throughout the game and you'll see the finish line rather fast. If you get stuck at any point in the game, simply press R and that will restart the current stage that you're in.

It is possible to continue your game where you left off. Just keep on trying until you finally take Sonic to the every finish line safe and sound. Take care of Sonic because if he falls down, the game is over. For some reason, his rings can't protect him in this free game. Think of the rings as a mere way to score your game.

If you are playing against another player, you can simply count how many rings you are able to keep before crashing or tumbling down. The key to this game is to drive slowly. Don't think of this game as a race. There are no other players to match your wits against with anyway. Take everything slow and sure. That's how you win each level of this game.

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