Sonic Gem Collector

Here is an online game that can put your reasoning skills working. The goal of the game is to take the gem right where Sonic is playing. You can move the gem with the use of the ball that hangs by the thread. Cut the strings that hold it and the ball will fall. The momentum on the ball should be enough to take the gem where it should be.

In every stage, a new scenario will be presented to you. Evaluate the scene first before making your move. Always put your goal in mind. You have to play moving the gem in a certain way in order to complete the stage. This Sonic game is composed of 30 levels. Completing them all will definitely give your brain a good workout.

Play the game with the use of the Mouse and the Left Click Button. First, know where the ball and the gem are. The ball will be suspended in mid-air, with two or more strings holding it. You can cut those strings by simply clicking on them. Use the mouse to choose which string you want to cut and press the left button to do so.

When the ball is released, it will sway in a certain way. That's how it can move the gem and take it right where Sonic is standing. Sometimes, there are no balls suspended in mid air. The emeralds are in their place instead. Even if that is the case, the goal remains the same. You still have to deliver the required number of gem to Sonic.

If you successfully get him an additional gem, you'll get an added bonus. There are rings in Sonic Gem Collector game too and you can also gather those for additional points. But if there are goodies and bonuses in this game, there are some bad elements too. Be sure to keep the gems as far away from the red crabs as possible.

The crabs are Sonic's enemies and if they take the gems, the game is automatically over. You would then have to restart the stage. This is a timed game so try not to take too much time. The timer indicates the bonus points you will receive for completing the game fast. The quicker you complete a stage, the higher score you'll get. See how fast you finish all the 30 stages of this game.

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