Sonic Hedgehog Game

Take a time to play the terrific Sonic Hedgehog game, which is perfect for all the Sonic lovers. Play a real adventure, like in the old days. This is an entertaining Sonic online game, a pure obstacle one, where you must complete each of the levels by going through the course and collecting every ring you find along the way. Control the game, using the Arrows.

Here, you play Sonic with the Left and Right moving him in the respective direction. The Up Key can also be used to make him jump. While with Down Key he crouches. There's a timer on left side of the screen. In this game, it is also a counter for the total number of rings collected. You only receive five lives at the start of the game. Be sure that you don't waste any. You got a long way to go.

See how well you'll fair against the big boss in this exciting Sonic game. Remember that you can't go anywhere unless you got the boss eliminated. All the other enemies, you can possibly zip through easily. But the boss is going to be a tough one to defeat. You have to summon all of Sonic's power and energy to destroy him and his evil robotic ways.

This Sonic challenge has a lot of new surprises for every fan in you and me. Sonic is a decade-old game but this one makes it feel like it was just released yesterday. Reminisce all those years that you spent in front of your console playing Sonic like it's the most important thing to master in this world. Start your adventure by pressing the Play button. Right then and there, you'll see Sonic.

He is the main character in this game, ready for action. Control him and make Sonic move smartly though. Make him jump or turn him into a fury ball. Do everything that you need to do in order to get to the end of the stages and meet the boss face-to-face. And when you get there, be sure to challenge your enemy head on. Trying to escape from the big battle won't do you any good.

A free Sonic online game for collecting any possible rings - walking or jumping. However, if you hit some spikes or if you were attacked by an enemy, they will fall off from his pocket. You may gather them again if it happens. In Sonic Hedgehog game, you would need the more possible rings - because they can keep you from losing a life if you fail on any of the obstacles.

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