Sonic Heroes Puzzle Game

Play Sonic while trying the Sonic Heroes Puzzle game, a different version of a Tetris game with falling items too. But instead of bricks with diverse shapes, the ones in Sonic Heroes Puzzle could be a group of three objects that can either be one ring, an emerald, or a block. Knuckles, Tails and him may fall down with them too. Your goal is to match those items with the characters.

Sonic games are associated with the rings. As such, in Sonic Heroes Puzzle game, you would have to play by stacking all the rings together and then make him land next to it or on top of it to eliminate 'em. Knuckles is for the blocks and Tails would be for the gemstones. Set your mind into a mazy journey. In this Sonic game, there will be no obstacles just a big puzzle board to complete.

Try to give yourself a good challenge by topping your last high score. Each game is going to be different than the previous one so duplicating your victory is not going to be always an easy feat. The trick for playing this free Sonic game is to first have a good feel of it. You need to find the right combinations and put them on the Sonic game board. The falling blocks can't be stopped.

But you can group them together in the right way so they'll be eliminated accordingly. You have to keep the board in play by clearing it at every chance that you've got. If you're familiar with a Tetris game, then you'll be good at this one. Although not one and the same, the concept is similar. And with proper playing skills, you sure would see the end of this game in flying colors.

Like in Tetris, in Sonic Heroes Puzzle game, nobody wants the bricks to reach the top of the Sonic game area or you lose. There are special twists to play Sonic Heroes Puzzle game. On the lower bar of the screen, you see the 3 characters with bars below them. When these bars reach the top, a helpful tool is activated. Each character can help you differently to improve your game.

To enjoy Sonic Heroes Puzzle game, you simply play Sonic using the Arrow Keys. Left and Right Keys would move the items to the left or to the right. The Up Key would rotate them in their places. Down would accelerate the downfall of the objects. Play Sonic on a funny multi level game called Sonic Heroes Puzzle game, it can really make you glued to your seats.

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