Sonic In Garden

This one introduces a whole new Sonic adventure to all fans out there. The setting is the wide green fields and Sonic is kind of mad against all the black birds and the fierce bats that are infesting his garden. As a form of retaliation, he will be throwing apples at them to keep all of them away. Your job is to play and make sure that Sonic don't get hurt in the battle.

Move Sonic with the use of the Arrow Keys. Make him run either to the left or to the right by pressing the corresponding arrow key. To make him jump up, press the Up Arrow Key. To shoot an apple at the enemies, press the Space Bar. However, Sonic's apples are rather strong. As such, he shouldn't get hit by it at all. If he does, he will lose one heart point.

If he loses all his hearts, the game will be over. You will also lose a heart point if you touch an enemy, got hit by them, or grab their poison. Keep Sonic safe that is the only way you can move forward in this free online game. Have an adventure with Sonic in his garden today. He needs your help more than ever. Those enemies are giving him a hard time indeed.

Once all enemies are eliminated, the stage stops and a new one begins. Note that as you go farther, more enemies are introduced. And these enemies are going to give Sonic a hard time. Expect the enemies to strike Sonic at the same time. Move Sonic real well around the game screen to avoid all his enemies and everything else that could make him lose those precious heart points.

But don't you worry too much about it for there will be help coming Sonic's way. Watch out of the falling parachutes filled with health points. That would give Sonic the much needed boost in his heart meter. Breeze through the multiple levels of the amazing Sonic in Garden game and try to reach the end of each stage with just a few hearts lost.

Every enemy you kill when playing is worth a certain number of points. Sooner, the enemies won't just be above you they'll be crawling from under you as well. Be sure to play keeping your eyes open throughout this entertaining Sonic game. You surely want to get the highest possible score so you can post it on the server.

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