Sonic In Mario World

Start your Sonic adventures today in the crazy world of Mario. Begin with World 1-1 and control Sonic as he drives through the different challenges, hurdles, and enemies that are always present in Mario's world. Everything in this game is all about Mario. When you think of it, only Sonic is out of place. Make Sonic jump, run, glide, and slide through the different stages of the game.

Dodge or kill all the enemies that you see. Note that Sonic can't touch the enemies at all but he can stomp at them to eliminate 'em. Make Sonic grab all the golden coins for added points and an extra life when you reach 100. Bump the question mark blocks with his head for even more points or some goodies. Catch some growth mushroom and Sonic a better chance against his enemies.

Always time your jumps well. Sonic has the option to either dodge at the enemies or stomp on them. You don't have to kill all the enemies but you'll gain combo points for eliminating two or more at a time. You can do that by sliding turtle shells towards other enemies. Play the game using the Arrow Keys. Move Sonic to the left via the Left Arrow and to the right via the Right Key.

To make Sonic jump, A is used. Guide Sonic and make him run from the starting point all the way to the finish line of each world without losing a life. If he lose a life, the game restarts. Some of the stages require a little thinking for playing so be sure to get your logic skills going. Look for clues in the game that would tell you what you're supposed to do in order to eke out of the situation.

This is not just another adventure game. Remember that this is the ultimate combination of all the things that you know about Sonic and Mario. Don't miss any coin so you can add more points and eventually give yourself an extra life. This is not a timed gamed really and Sonic can go slow if he wants to. The question mark blocks don't necessary have question marks on them.

Just bump on all the golden blocks that you see. You never know what's inside them. Sonic is going to need all the help that he can get to get out of Mario's World and get in to his own. Your help is going to be monumental in the interesting Sonic in Mario World. The blue super hero wants to go home now. Play by helping him reach the very last world so he can get out of this ordeal.

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