Sonic Lost Mario World Game

When you think about it, playing Sonic is very similar to playing the Nintendo game of Mario. Sonic the Hedgehog practically goes through the same obstacles and adventures that Mario undergoes. He jumps around the game field, evade enemies, and gather all the coins he comes across. How enjoyable would it be for you if the blue superhero had finally invaded Mario World?

In Sonic Lost Mario World game, you play in such a state. Unlike original Sonic games where you run over cliffs and run in full circles, you go through the tunnels and the underground world of Mario and King Koopa instead. Play Sonic against Mario enemies like goombas or turtles. He and Mario may not be friends. As a matter of fact, they're rivals. But not in this particular Sonic game.

Here, he does all of his patent moves in Mario's kingdom. Expect to see coins instead of rings and question mark blocks instead of emeralds. It's good that he keeps his powers in this Sonic game. He doesn't have to play doing the Mario thing of dodging enemies or jumping at them all the time. Instead, he can just roll like a ball and zip through the fields and mazes in his own pace. Cool, huh?

Get on top of Sonic Lost Mario World game and you'll surely have loads of fun. Finally, you've got the Sonic game to end all rivalries in your hands. After playing completing this Sonic game, you'll be proud of yourself knowing that you just had a bit of a classic game of the Super Mario Bros. and the fast blue hero all at the same time. Nothing beats the adventures in this game.

Mario also appears later on Sonic Lost Mario World game. But he is no friend here. If you are near him, you lose a life. Play the amazing Sonic Lost Mario World game, that should be included on a different kind of Sonic games. To play it, just use the Arrow Keys and the Letters A and Z on your keyboard. The Left Key moves him to Left and the Right one would move him to Right.

In this amazing Sonic game, if you want to go under a tunnel, just push the Down Arrow. Make him jump by pressing Letter A on the keyboard. Letter Z key would make him throw a mushroom over the enemies to eliminate them. Play Sonic in an unusual way with Sonic Lost Mario World game take a time to enjoy this amazing one in our cool site.

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Sonic Lost Mario World Game