Sonic MatchIt Game

If you have a great memory, then you should try Sonic MatchIt game, is a very easy to play game of The Hedgehog. Here, the goal is to find the two pairs on a set of cards. They are laid face-down and each carries a certain picture. There's another one in the deck of the same image.

Play Sonic by opening them consecutively to score points. At the start of Sonic MatchIt game, play selecting 2 cards from the ones laid down on the Sonic game screen. If what you chose are pairs, then they disappear and you will gain points. Just click one to reveal the image underneath.

Try to remember the cards that you opened up. When you choose two not identical, they would return to the game board. Are you ready for the ultimate matching skills game? Would you like to try the sharpness of your memory on this three-level game? So just do it.

Fuel up your mind and see how skilled you are in matching the pairs that are shown faced down on the game board. Take each level one at a time and discover how good you fair in each one. Note what your high score is and see if that's the best you're able to perform.

Challenge another player to the same game and find out which one of you is the better one. In this game, there are all kinds of possibilities. You just have to explore them all so you can have a better kick playing it. You may say that this game is a refreshing change from the usual running and tumbling that Sonic is so used to doing.

Here, there won't be any action moves. All you have to accomplish is to flip some cards. But don't even think that it is not a challenging feat at all. Start the game and find out how hard it is to get a perfect score. The real question is, can you do it? Click on the start button and let the game begin.

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