Sonic Maze Craze Game

Sonic Maze Craze game is a unique Sonic game - only his shoes are in play! Yes. You won't see or control him. But you'll be in Sonic shoes - literally. In the storyline, it says that he lost them and you were the one who found it. Your job in Sonic Maze Craze game will be to play and take them back to him. However, that is not easy.

Because you need to go through the many obstacles and enemies in order to do just that. In Sonic Maze Craze, the computer mouse becomes the shoes. As such, you have to play Sonic just by controlling them with the mouse. This time you Play Sonic by leading his shoes from the starting point to the finish line of Sonic Maze Craze game.

It's a simple but big maze and you must stay clear of the walls, the genies, the fireballs and the spikes. If you go near 'em, you lose a life. There's a big maze in front of you in the game. Using Sonic's shoes, get to the finish line without running into the enemies or touching the spiked walls. This is a multiple level game. Be sure that you got enough strength to last through the rest of the stages.

As a tip, try to look through the Sonic game maze first and familiarize yourself with how the enemy moves. You sure would like to plan ahead before clicking on the start button to play. If you do that, you will be able to ace through all the levels in a short period of time. Every stage offers a whole new challenge.

Be ready for them and show the rest how good you are in a Sonic game. Even if you only have his shoes to work with, his power remains. Unleash Sonic's strength to conquer all the stages in one go. In this Sonic game, you play only with three lives to start with. Inside Sonic Maze Craze game, there are several rings. You also have to get all the rings to obtain a high score.

Scores are given after each level. Your performance is scored according to the number of rings you got and how fast you are able to reach the Sonic Maze Craze game finish line. This is one timed Sonic game so you might play to get to the other end of the puzzle at the least possible time. Play and enjoy Sonic Maze Craze game.

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