Sonic Moto Adventure

Here's a driving game that can give you one great adventure. Drive up, down, over and around the hills and spikes. Jump between cliffs with full accuracy. Be sure that you always get Sonic sitting upright in his bike with your every move. Else, the game will be over for you. It seems to be a rather simple game until the cliffs get steeper and the climbs become impossible in the next stages.

To play the game, use the Arrow Keys. Press the Up Arrow Key to accelerate Sonic's bike. He will drive backwards if you press the Down Arrow Key. The Left Arrow Key is used to help Sonic regain his balance. The Left Arrow Key is most helpful if the bike tends to nose down. The Right Arrow Key is also used for balance and is used if Sonic's bike is nosing up.

This game is not timed so just take your time. You can go as slowly or as fast as you can at your discretion. The only thing most important is for you to keep Sonic safe and sound right on top of his bike. If he crashes or tumbles over, the game is over. But you can always restart. There are golden rings all over the game course that you can collect. The rings are there for added points.

Sonic is given only three lives at the start of the game. Use them real well so you can see the end of this game without restarting. Your game status and data are shown on the lower part of the screen. Your score, number of lives left, and current level are all there. If you're playing against another person, try to beat each other's score multiplied by the level you're in.

That's how you find out which one of you is the best player. Note that each golden ring is worth 100 points each. Players have the option not to get the rings if he thinks it compromise's Sonic's health. Breeze through the multiple levels of this game without consuming too many lives. Note that you won't gain an extra one around here.

You can only drive as carefully as possible for you to reach the very last level of the Sonic Moto Adventure game. Remember that this is a driving game, not a racing game. You don't have to to play get to the finish line fast. Instead, you have to get there in one piece. Help Sonic drive as carefully as possible. That's the only way you can finish this crazy online game.

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