Sonic Moto Game

Sonic challenges you to a whole new adventure with this special game. The Sonic adventure game that you know all along becomes an exciting driving game, all complete with Sonic's red bike and back flip moves. Drive his bike from starting point to finish line without any accidents. See if you can get to the very last level and finish the game in one sitting.

Move Sonic by pressing the necessary Arrow Keys. The Up Arrow Key moves his bike forward while the Down Arrow Key drives it backward. The Left and Right Arrow Keys are used for balance. There are many impossible courses in this game. When you do get to them, try to proceed as carefully as you can. Sonic is given only three lives in Sonic Moto game.

Play and gain score by picking up all golden rings that you see along the way. Bonuses can be added to your score like health points. So always check your health bar. You don't want it running out on you or else, you will lose a life. Right beside the long health bar, the number of lives Sonic has left is shown along with the score.

Play this Sonic game very carefully. That's how you can get to the differen levels of the game. As Sonic drives, watch out for enemies too. The enemies here don't move but when you do touch any one of them, a good chunk of Sonic's health bar is consumed. The end of each level is signified by a skull sign. The status of your game is indicated at the top of the game screen.

Sonic tends to fly up the air because of his momentum when he drives. That is a very dangerous position but it is also the one that can give you maximum points. Every time he flies, predict with accuracy Sonic's position when he comes down. He has to land on his wheels in order to prevent crashing and to continue driving through the rest of the game course.

Sonic restarts at the previous level every time he loses a life. But after he had consumed all of his three lives, the game goes back to Level One. Try to beat your previous score by driving even more carefully on your next try. Watch out for the enemies. You don't want to get near them if your health bar is about to run out.

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