Sonic Motobike Game

This is yet another driving game with Sonic at the driver's seat. The name of the game is to drive as carefully as possible. Sonic has to avoid tumbling over or crashing. If that happens, the game is over. What's left for a player to do is to restart. Control Sonic the Hedgehog and his bike with the use of the Arrow Keys. Accelerate the bike by pressing the Up Arrow Key.

Decelerate or drive backwards by pressing the Down Arrow Key. If Sonic's bike seems to tumble over, press the Left Arrow Key for balance. If it looks like that it is about to crash, press the Right Arrow Key to get back on track. The game comes in multiple levels and the first one is the easiest one. Speed through the game course without running into any driving problems.

Remember that Sonic's bike has to remain upright in order for him to win the game. The scoring of this game is automatic. Points are credited for golden ring you collect. However, your accumulated points also decrease for every second you spend on the game course. The golden rings are worth 100 points and they are there to guide Sonic to where he should be going.

Get down the golden ring's path to have a fairly good idea where to go. Added points are given for every exhibition or special move that you make. Try to do a back flip or a front flip and see how high your score can get. This driving game definitely requires a lot of skills to be played. Sonic has to learn how to get out of each situation with his bike working to his advantage.

If Sonic gets stuck in a position that he can't get out of, restart the game by pressing R. It may not be the best solution for your problems as it would restart the whole game. If he is caught in a rail or a cliff almost means one life lost. Again, driving carefully is the name of this game. There are seven levels in this game and finishing all of them without crashing at all is an achievement.

Every time you play the Sonic Motobike game, make sure that you improve your driving skills. Familiarize yourself with the terrain and plan the best driving route each time. You don't have to rush through things for this isn't a race. The goal of this entertaining online game of Sonic is to get to the finish line with the quick super hero in his best shape.

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