Sonic Pacman Game

Play Sonic acting like Pacman. In the simple Sonic Pacman game, he replaces Pacman in a maze filled with dots and ghosts. Play the Sonic game by gobbling up all dots in the game area to pass to the next level. While it seems easy, just wait until the 4 ghosts try to chase him. When play the cool Sonic Pacman game, keep in mind that at the moment he touches the ghost, he loses a life.

The only time you can kill ghost is when you eat a power dot. In Sonic Pacman game, they're bigger than the regular ones. These dots give him power over the ghosts for a short period of time. He can eat them as they become vulnerable because of the power dot. Who says that only Mario and Sonic can share the limelight? In this particular Sonic game, Pacman is going to be his partner.

Not that you'll see Pacman anywhere in this Sonic game. What happens is that Sonic will be doing the Pacman thing and eat all the dots and dashes all around the mazes. He would have to dodge at his robot enemies too. Note that there won't be ghosts hunting Pacman in this Sonic game. The same rules of the game apply so it follows that the same group of skills are required.

Eat up all the enemies after gaining the absolute power of the blinking ball. Be careful with your every move though. You can only defeat the enemies when they are vulnerable. And that only goes for a certain period of time. Gobble up all the dots and you will gain entry to the next level. You've got only three lives to start with. So be sure to proceed with caution!

After the time expires, the ghosts in Sonic Pacman game are back to their dangerous self. Play Sonic evading them or lose one life. Sonic Pacman game is, like most multiple level Sonic games, played with 3 lives. Get points for every dot and ghost you eat. Reach 10,000 points and earn an extra life. There's a random symbol at the center of the puzzle. Eating it gives you extra points.

As in other Sonic games, the controls of Sonic Pacman game will be only the Arrow Keys. Play by pressing the Left, Right, Up, or Down Keys to lead him into the desired area of the maze. He tends to move automatically in one direction. You have to press the right Arrow to make him turn, go down, or exit the maze. Enjoy Sonic Pacman game just as the classic Pacman, very easy.

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