Sonic Pinball Game

Welcome to play a classic-like Pinball game ! If you are a skillful pinball player, then this one is for you. The rule to play this retro game is quite the same as all Pinball games you know or played in the past. You only need to keep a ball from falling off the sides using flippers. The longer the ball is on the game board, the higher score you can collect.

Every time it hits the bumps on Sonic Pinball game, you gain 150 points. The more, will be higher chances that you'll play and win. There are exit points and you must keep ball from going there. Here is a Sonic game to be played by using flipper to hit it and put it back on the board. Flippers are controlled by the Left and the Right Arrow Keys.

Everybody knows a game of pinball. From the arcade games all the way to the casinos, pinball is very popular indeed. And as expected, you will surely have a kick out of this one as it is created and decorated with all those Sonic trimmings that you wanted. You never know that Sonic and a regular game of pinball go so well together.

So start the fun right away. Don't keep your interests waiting. Start your pinball adventures with Sonic and he'll give you lots of excitement for sure. There are certain skills that you have to learn to ace this game. But if all you really want is to experience the thrill, you can just forget all about that and just keep on moving the flippers away.

A pinball game needs no technicalities. And more usually than not, it's one game of luck. This is not very different. Keep the ball alive as long as you possibly can. Use the flippers wisely so that the balls won't fall down the canal. You must time your hits for the ball to go back up to the game board and score. Accumulate as many points as you possibly can and you'll surely be a winner.

Play with the corresponding key, move them, and time your hit so ball would perfectly bounce back on Sonic Pinball game. Play this Sonic entertaining game with a friend and compare your scores after each round. In this Sonic online game, you have one ball to play only. The High Score shows up on the upper part of the game screen.

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