Sonic Quiz Version 2 Game

How well do you know to play Sonic? If you are confident that play it well, try your wares on this entertaining Sonic Quiz Version 2 game. Even if you're not be familiarized with these cute characters enough, this game is a good way to learn more about them better. Play this quiz Sonic game, where you'll be asked basic questions about the hero.

Sonic Quiz Version 2 game has three choices for each question. Guess correctly and you go to the next one. Answer wrongly and Sonic would appear on the screen, quite disappointed with you. You then have a choice to restart the game or go back to the main menu. Sonic Quiz Version 2 was made for all Sonic game fans out there. Do you really love Sonic?

Do you know him pretty well? Then prove it. This Sonic game will put you to the ultimate test of question and answer. Be sure that you answer correctly all the ten questions thrown at you once you start the game. An incorrect answer will put you back to square one. The questions are going to be really easy for a true-blue Sonic fan. But for a beginner, they sure are tough!

Don't worry though. Even if this is the first time you've met Sonic, you can play this game by all means. It's also the perfect way to know more about this lovable character. Discover why he's the only one that hordes of Sega fans love after all these years. Keep on answering the questions until you get the right answer. There's no limit to how many times you start and restart the game.

For as long as you're enjoying, nothing should stop you from getting to all that fun. Play answering each question on your first try and you can say that you truly are a real fan. The questions are grouped into three levels: easy, hard and extreme categories. The easy part is composed of 10 questions. In Sonic Quiz Version 2 game, you have to answer five correctly or start all over again.

The hard category has seven questions. The extreme level is made up of five. Here you play Sonic finishing all categories and then you will get a bonus gift. And that bonus gift is the special video played right on Sonic game screen. Don't worry. Play and finish the game is quite simple. In Sonic Quiz Version 2 game all is about love to play Sonic and have good memory.

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