Sonic Racer Game

To all Sonic and racing fans, Sonic Racer game is for you. Race in an entirely different level, the Sonic game style. Enjoy Sonic Racer game online that is a rather simple car racing but it is never without a thrill. In this Sonic game, the objective is not only to play and arrive to the finish line - but to be there with a good score too. In Sonic Racer game you earn points along the way.

Play finding jewels, gas, rings, and balloons on the street and you are supposed to get them. The jewel is 500 points, gas 200, rings 50 and balloons are worth 100 points each. While you think that picking up the Sonic Racer game items is easy, just play and see other racers in the game field some of them are even running in the opposite direction!

Are you ready for a Sonic game of ultimate speed? If so, get on with the rumble. You'll be surprised to see Mario in this game. He's the added twist and the nicest surprise here after all. But don't make him the center of attention. Keep in mind that you only have a full minute to race. Within that period of time, you've got to collect all the items scattered throughout the race course.

If you don't meet the time frame, you'll lose the game. But if you do it right, you'll be victorious. It's an either or scenario for you so be sure that you're always at the winning end. If you would like to ace this game, you've got to practice. Like with any sports or game, you need to hone your skills before getting on with the real thing.

So treat the first few rounds as a drill. Don't push yourself. After three or four tries, you are sure to become an ace rider. And prove everyone that getting to the finish line is something that you can do quite easily. Play Sonic online with a single life and 60 seconds for each lap. In Sonic Racer game, is all that you have to spend to get to finish line.

If you hit any one of the other drivers, Sonic game over for you. The controls of Sonic Racer game are the Arrow Keys. Press Enter to begin the game. Here, you play Sonic using the Left and Right Keys, they move him to the desired direction. The Up Arrow Key accelerates him while the Down Key serves as the brake.

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