Sonic Ride Game

This is a fairly common driving game. However, this one is different from all the rest as far as driving complexity is concerned. The first level is a breeze; but the next few ones are going to give you such a hard time. Drive safely through the game course that is the only way you can win this game. Sonic is driving a red bike in this game and to move him, you have to use the Arrow Keys.

Like in most driving games, you have to play with the Up Arrow Key to accelerate Sonic's bike while the Down Arrow Key would make him drive back. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys alternately to help Sonic regain his balance. The Sonic Ride game is composed of multiple levels to play and you have to finish all of them to complete the free game.

There will be golden rings positioned throughout the game course. Get all of them and you'll be credited 100 points for each. The more golden rings you collect, the higher score you'll get. Sonic is given 10 lives at the start of the game. Be very careful as you drive along as it is very easy to crash your bike. Sonic loses one life if he tumbles over, crashes forward, or falls down the cliff.

It is very important that you make Sonic's two wheels touch the ground squarely. This game is not timed so do not rush your game. You'll get a higher score and a much better performance if you take everything sure and slow. But remember to have fun as you drive. A game gets more exciting if you strike a laugh every so often. Sonic is driving in a rather friendly neighborhood in the game.

However, the terrains are not as friendly as the things around him. There will be impossible climbs and steep cliffs. You must be able to brave through all of those to come out victorious. Each stage offers a whole new challenge to its players. Never underestimate the terrains. Remember that you only have 10 lives to use in this game.

If you consume all of them, you would have to start from the beginning. If you can complete this game in just one sitting, you can say that you're the best driver yet. Sonic Ride offers a very engaging play indeed, complete with crisp and colorful backgrounds and cool music. Practice your safety driving game with Sonic. You are surely going to be a much better driver right after.

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