Sonic Rolling Ball

The better you are at logical thinking, the better you'll perform in this game. Sonic Rolling Ball gives you the chance to hone that brain of yours, in Sonic's style of course. Beat the game's thirty levels and get a full mental workout. Try other games similar to this one for a regular brain exercise. In this game, Sonic is trapped inside a ball.

He has to roll down towards Tails in order to clear the level. There will be different items that would hold Sonic in place so he won't go rolling at the start of the game. You can click on all the things in the game board to eliminate them. Note that you have to take them out at the right time in order to get to your goal. The game is played with the use of the Mouse.

Choose any item you want to remove in the game. Eliminate them by clicking on it with your Left Mouse Button. Timing and precision are the next two requirements in this game, after logical reasoning, of course. This game is technically not a timed game. But you'll get a higher score by completing each stage before the timer runs out.

Your score will depend on how fast you have discovered the solution to the stage's puzzle. If you're not fast enough, you'll get zero points for the level even if you are able to complete it. So try to think fast. That's the only way you will ace all the stages of this game. Some levels are easy to finish while others can be really tricky.

Try to assess the situation first before making a move. Play the scene in your mind before you execute. You can restart a stage at any time if you fail it. But restarting means your score will be set back to zero as well. In every stage of the game, remember that Sonic can't fall down. He has to go straight to where Tails is standing to be victorious.

Expect that the next stage is going to be harder than the previous one. You have to find yourself the solution to every level in the fastest possible way. The status of your game is seen on the lower part of the screen. In there you'll find your current stage, possible score, and the button for restarting the stage in case you get stuck.

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