Sonic RPG 7 Game

Sonic RPG 7 game is a role playing Sonic game in the Final Fantasy style. Shadow and Nights will be battling it out against enemy Reala - very powerful with an HP of 28,000. Play Sonic and Nights, they would have to join forces in order to defeat Reala and her magic powers. If you know how to play Sonic Final Fantasy, then it should be easy to play and understand Sonic RPG 7 game.

Shadow and Nights would take turns with Reala with their respective attacks. Each attack costs the opponent HP points. Special attacks maybe used, although they're deducted from the character MP points. In Sonic RPG 7 game, Shadow has three different attacks that can be used for as long as he has the right amount of MP. For all RPG fans, this Sonic game was made for you.

Now that Sonic has invaded your world, you can play with him as long as you want. Like all RPG games, your game progress can be stored and saved as you go along. It's going to be a long fight so be sure that you are prepared for the haul. You might have to save up some power and energy as you go along. Put all the enemies at bay and proceed with caution on your journey.

You surely want to get to the last part of this Sonic game along with the necessary skills, tools and energy to win. It's important that you use all your powers wisely. Without it, it's not even possible to pass the first group of enemies. If you would like to play a cool Sonic game, try this one. You'll definitely have a field day finding out what's best for Sonic and his party as you go along.

Night specialty would be overdrive and, on the other hand, may only use her overdrive power if the overdrive bar has turned green. The object of Sonic RPG 7 game - defeating Reala before she beats both of Shadow and Nights. You may play Sonic using different sets of skills to put her down. Both have the ability to heal themselves. Between the two, Nights is a better healer.

You might as well play Night MP solely for healing and use Shadow for special attacks. The only control in Sonic RPG 7 game is the mouse. You just have to choose what you'd like your character to do. You can make both of them initiate an attack, using magic powers, or triggering their special skills. Enjoy Sonic RPG 7 game, it requires a good strategy to play and win.

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