Sonic Runner Game

If you want to enjoy a good run, don't hesitate playing this one. You'll surely get the right dose of adrenalin thrill with this one. Your goal is rather simple you only have to run and jump to the finish line and complete the game with all of Sonic's lives intact. The game changes after every restart and sometimes, the cliffs can be impossible to clear.

But with proper timing and a quick eye, you should be able to try it finding yourself ready even for the most impossible cases that Sonic Runner game offers. Rely on the powers of the golden rings to give Sonic the leverage that he needs. To play the game, only one key is used the Space Bar. Press the Space Bar every time you want to make Sonic jump.

Again, the game rolls automatically from left to right. You don't have to worry about Sonic running for he does that automatically. What you should do is to make sure that he gets to jump at the right place and at the right time. There are bonuses in this game that you can use them in order to level up your performance. There are Power-up and Speed-up bonus icons in play.

Watch out for them and be sure to collect them anytime they are up and available. They can help you gain more points and clear cliffs that are too long apart from each other. Sonic is given only three lives in this game. That is practically all that you can use in order to clear all of the obstacles herein. Each golden ring collected is worth one point.

Get them all for more points. Sonic the Hedgehog has to be very wary of his moves though. Sometimes, getting the rings can cause him to fall down. Don't be too over eager catching those rings. It would be much better if you play looking at the cliffs instead and watch out where the roads end.

The jumping safety of Sonic should be your first concern. Play this online game for free and you'll enjoy a great Sonic adventure in a whole new light. Sonic can do a lot of things indeed. Enjoy this amazing game with another player and find out how long and high each of you can go. Then find out which of you is the better player.

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