Sonic Sahara Desert Challenge

Drive Sonic's red motorbike all around the Sahara Desert. Make him go up the mountains and hills without crashing or tumbling over for ultimate performance. This is a multiple level game but you are given unlimited lives to play. That alone is an indication that you can possibly finish this game in one sitting. Practice your great driving skills with this game.

Be sure to driving slowly but surely throughout the game course. Don't be a fan of speeding, although the terrains will give you lots of opportunities for that. There are no timers in this game so there is also no reason for you to rush. What's important is for you to get to the finish line in one piece. Make Sonic and his bike move by using the Arrow Keys.

The Up Arrow Key is used to accelerate Sonic's red bike. If you want him to drive backward, you can play pressing the Left Arrow Key. To help Sonic keep his balance, press either the Left or Right Arrow Keys accordingly. The Left Arrow Key can help if the bike is nosing down and the Right Arrow Key is used to keep the bike from nosing up.

Your other concern in this game would be the medals. You are supposed to pick them all up for points. Those medals will serve as your game's points tally. If you fail to pick up any one of them, you'll get a zero level score. But don't worry, the medals are fairly easy to get. Just drive over it and you'll have it. It is fairly easy to get all the medals available in every level.

At the end of each level, the total score you gained will show up, both for the level and for the entire game. Modestly speaking, Sonic Sahara Desert Challenge is a fairly easy driving game if compared to all the rest. The road condition is not as tough although there are occasional steep cliffs as well. Play with your very best driving skills out on the fore.

And since Sonic is awarded unlimited lives in this game, you don't have to worry about crashing down or tumbling over. You can always restart the game anytime you wish. You don't need to showcase tricks like front and back flips in this game. Keeping both your wheels on the ground is good enough to merit a great performance.

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