Sonic Sky Impact

Play a very exciting online shooting game. Make Sonic's presence on the airways known. Sonic is the hero of all the Sonic land and there is absolutely no reason why he can't be the hero of the skies too. Get on the game by shooting all the enemies that are trying to fly right into you. To play this amazing game, simply use the Mouse and its Left Click Button.

Sonic's fighter plane can be controlled with the movement of the mouse. To shoot at enemies, press the Left Mouse Button. All the planes that you see flying towards your direction are your enemies. You either dodge them or shoot at them. Either way, you are not supposed to go near them. If you do, Sonic's plane would explode and you'll lose some health points.

Sonic's health bar shows at the upper left side of the screen. Once his green health bar runs out, one life is consumed. Sonic has three lives to use in the entire game. Note that this is a 10-level game. You have to keep Sonic alive up to the very last stage of the game in order to win. Note that your enemies are going to be a lot tougher as you go along.

They'll be shooting at you in the same way that you're shooting at them so you better watch out. Collect gun upgrades in every game. Simply fly towards the winged letters to change the kind of gun your plane is using. Additionally, Sonic is given 4 kinds of guns to choose from at the start of every level, unfortunately, only one guy can be selected and the three guns are locked.

You have to unlock them first by completing certain stages of the game. Play and shoot at all of your enemies for maximum points. At the end of each of the levels, your level score shows up and it will all be tallied down to get your total score. If you're playing the Sonic Sky Impact game with another player, try not to miss an enemy or an upgrade.

All of them will contribute to your total number of points. To win this game, you have to show accuracy in your shots. The trick is to fly up and down while releasing as many bullets as you can. Keep on clicking the left mouse button for after all, you have an unlimited number of bullets. Always watch out for the enemies and their own set of bullets.

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