Sonic Speed Spotter 1

Test your skills for spotting the differences with this game called Sonic Speed Spotter 1. However, don't be fooled by the absence of the timer in this game for this game is duly timed. The timer is simply not showing so as not to add a lot of pressure on the player. There will be two pictures that are very similar to each other showing up.

However, there are hidden differences in the pictures and those are what you are supposed to find. There are six differences to spot. Try to click on all of them as fast so you will be given time bonus points. To play the game, use the Mouse and the Left Mouse Button. Click at any point on the game screen where you have found the difference.

If you click on the right spot, you will gain 20 points. Click on the one wrong place and you will be deducted 5 points. So if you are somewhat getting frustrated because you can't find the last few differences, don't go clicking aimlessly on the screen. You will suffer a stiff penalty for that. There are 11 pages or stages for you to complete in this free game.

And as you go along, expect the pictures to get a little complicated and the game a whole lot harder to play. Pay attention to missing lines, wrong color, and different shapes. Compare the two pictures very well together and try to finish each set of picture as fast as you can. Don't worry about the hidden timer for it won't stop your game.

Technically speaking, the timer is there only to determine the additional points that you will be given at the end of every stage. Even if the timer runs out, you can still continue with you game. You simply won't have added points to your score. The status of the game is shown on the lower part of the screen. Your current level is found on the lower right side.

On its opposite are your score and the differences left to be found in the picture. If you get stuck, you can click on the hint button down below. You have two options there. You can shake the picture to have a clue as to what the difference is or to reveal the difference outwardly. Either way, you can only use those hints once throughout the game. Play now and good luck!

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