Sonic Speed Spotter 2

If you have played the first version of this interesting online game, then you surely know how to breeze through this new one. There are only a few notable differences between the two versions. First, the cursor is different. The scoring and penalty points are slightly unalike. Also, the number of differences to look for between the pictures is also reduced from 6 to 5.

But everything else is the same including how you are supposed to look for the small differences between the two pictures shown. Sometimes, the pictures will be shown vertically, At times, they'll be arrayed horizontally. Either way, use your keen eyes to find the five different things between Picture A and Picture B. Do it in the fastest possible time to gain bonus points.

The higher point you gain the better player you undoubtedly are. To play the game, use the Mouse. Click on the part where you found the difference. If you clicked on the right spot, you will see the number of points credited to your score flashing. If you clicked wrongly, then deduction points will show instead. Open your eyes wide and find all the differences under a minute.

That is how you gain the maximum number of points. Always check the status of your game on the lower part of the screen. You will find there the page that you are currently on. Opposite that is the score that you have gained so far. Below is the number of differences that you still have to find. If you get stuck in a level and can't find any difference at all, simply click on the hint options.

You have two buttons down there, the shake and the reveal buttons. If you click shake, the small part where the difference lies will move. If you click reveal, a small box will appear, highlighting the difference between the pictures. The hints box gets refreshed after you've clicked on any one of them. You can keep on using those hints every time they are made available to you.

The Sonic Speed Spotter 2 game can be played by almost anyone, including kids. Since the game is rather simple and doesn't have the dreaded game over part showing at all, kids can play their heart out. They can continue with playing until they get to the very last page. So try this game now and enjoy it. Finish all pages in one sitting.

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