Sonic The Star Hunter

This is an adventure-rich game set in a special kind of magic forest. The terrains are different but the background is amazing. Since this is a forest, there will be lots of flowers, grasses, insects, and animals to see. However, most of them are Sonic's enemy. He can't touch any of them or he'll lose a precious life. Sonic has to collect all the stars that he sees around him.

That is the only way he can get out of any level. He has to go up and down the suspended tracks of land and stomp at the enemies in order to complete his mission. Since this is an adventure game, you need to play with the Arrow Keys that are used for control. The Left Arrow Key make Sonic run to the left while the Right Arrow Key makes him run to the right side of the screen.

The Up Arrow Key makes Sonic jump. The Down Arrow Key is not used. Be sure to push the right buttons to get Sonic right on track. Be very careful as you go through the different levels in this game. Most of the enemies that you see can be possibly killed. Just jump over them and you'll see the last of them. However, if you mistakenly touch an enemy, it will eliminate Sonic instead.

You don't want that to happen so try to proceed with caution whenever an enemy is lurking beyond. Sonic is given three lives in this game. He is given points for very enemy that he kills. The stars that he collects are counted accordingly. In any case your game becomes over, you are given the chance to restart. Note that the next level won't open up unless all the stars are collected.

In Sonic the Star Hunter you have to be sure that you open your eyes wide and get at all of them. Remember that the yellow blinking stars are your goal for every game. Killing enemies is worth 100 points. Getting a star is worth 20 points. Pile up your points together and you'll get a high score. You also have to watch out for the fire. Clear them with a high jump.

Treat the fire as an enemy that you can't eliminate. Play and finish each stage as fast as you possibly can. You don't want to linger longer than necessary as doing so would also cause you a life. There is a hidden timer in this free game of Sonic and if you fail to complete the level within the maximum time allotted, your life will be deducted by one.

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