Sonic Truck 1 Game

Here is an online driving game where extra care is required. If in most driving game you only need to play keeping your vehicle from crashing down, in the amazing Sonic Truck 1 game, you also have to take care of the goodies loaded at the back of your truck. Sonic is driving a huge tractor in this online game. And he has to make good in controlling it.

Guide Sonic as he drive through the different levels of this game. This game has a total of eight levels and in each one, Sonic has to drive accurately and soundly. Drive carefully through all the terrains. Collect all the golden rings that you see along the way by simply driving over them. There are going to be enemies showing up too. You can crash on them to eliminate them.

When you play, note that the game is timed; but instead of a timer running out, the timer moves up instead. This means that your game is time if only to determine if you are qualified for bonus points at the end of each game. Each ring that you collect is worth 1,000 points. But do note that only the rings that you have successfully delivered to the finish line are counted.

The ones that fell on the road as you drive are not credited. Continue with the rest of the levels by clearing the one previous it. There is no better way to play and win this game of Sonic than to perform skill driving. Don't drive too fast or you will lose a lot of golden rings. Don't run too slow or you won't get any time bonus points at all.

To drive the truck, press the Up Arrow Key. The Up Key will accelerate Sonic's truck. If you want to drive backwards, simply press the Down Key. There will be times that the truck will nose up or down, depending on its momentum and the terrain. Regain the truck's balance by pressing the Left or the Right Arrow Key. The Left Arrow Key is used to reverse the nose up action.

The Right Arrow Key is for canceling the nosing down effect. This is a simple driving game that will definitely bring enjoyment to all Sonic fans. Kids and adults can play this game and enjoy it real well. Have a good driving practice with Sonic today. Even if you don't drive a truck yourself, you'll surely find playing this game one enjoyable treat.

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