Sonic Truck 2 Game

This is the second installment to the driving game of the same title. Give yourself and Sonic a good thrill up aboard a sleek blue truck. In Sonic Truck 2 game, the good Sonic will be collecting golden rings along the way. Sonic has to deliver those golden rings to the finish line. Play driving slowly and carefully as you hump and trod through the game course.

You have to realize that the road is not going to be in its best conditions. There are going to be a lot of steep climbs and that alone will make the whole driving feat a very challenging one for both you and Sonic. The ultimate goal is to get to the finish line as fast as you can without losing any golden rings. To drive Sonic's truck, simply use the Arrow Keys.

Accelerate his truck by pressing the Up Arrow. Drive backwards by pressing the Down Key. The two other keys, which are the Left and the Right Arrow Keys, are used as well. They are pressed to help Sonic's truck regain balance. Along the way, Sonic's truck will nose up or down. Press the Left Arrow Key when the truck is nosing up and the Right Arrow when it is nosing down.

This is a multiple level game of Sonic and the course is different each time you play it. Try to do well in each level by driving very slowly. The slower you go, the higher are the chances that no golden rings will be lost. Golden rings are automatically collected once you drive towards them. Your other concern is to keep them from falling out of Sonic's truck.

You will fail a level if Sonic's truck crashes down. It is then more important to play keeping the truck upright rather than get all the golden rings. You can retry any stage that you failed by simply clicking on the Retry Button that shows at the end of every stage. Take note of your score, the game time, and the rest of the game controls at the lower part of the screen.

Every golden ring you successfully take to the finish line is worth 1,000 points. Note that points are not credited as you collect a ring only after you have successfully reached the finish line with them in your truck. And if you get there fast enough, you'll be given bonus time points as well. This is a multiple level game that you can finish in just one sitting.

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