Sonic X Spin Bowl Game

If you love to play Sonic and play bowling enjoy Sonic X Spin Bowl game, a very unique bowling game with cute little Sonic transforming into a ball. As in the traditional game of bowling, you will be hitting as many pins as you possibly can. If you clear the alley of all pins, you get a strike and obtain the highest possible score. Generally speaking, the same rules apply.

The only thing you are able to control in Sonic X Spin Bowl game is one ball. At the left side of the screen is the scoreboard. In there, your accumulated points after every frame are shown. Right at the middle of the Sonic game screen are the pins and the power meter. To play the cool Sonic X Spin Bowl, all you have to do is to position the ball and direct it towards pins.

Who would have known that Sonic is not just good at destroying robots and eliminating enemies? He's also an expert bowler! With Sonic's rolling ability, you can use all of him as a bowling ball and take down all the pins for a strike. If you want to ace this Sonic game, be sure to aim precisely well.

The accuracy of your shot depends upon the power and the direction of your ball. Release Sonic the bowling ball at exactly the right place and time. If you do that, you will surely get the highest possible score for every frame. Sonic X Spin Bowl game is not very different from your usual bowling game. So if you're good at it either offline or online, you will surely love playing this one.

Go for a strike and show everybody that Sonic is not just good at destroying robots he can show up for a good Sonic game of bowling too. The bowling ball would have an arrow right above it so you can estimate its path. However, the arrow moves automatically on its own. Here, you need to play Sonic measuring the release of ball to move it towards your target.

On Sonic X Spin Bowl, the force is determined by the moving lights at the back of the bowling pins. Go for maximum power to get a strike. Play Sonic with your Mouse to control him, use it to drag the ball on the center part of the alley. Then push the Left Mouse Button to let it go. After which, it will hit the pins and your score for that frame flashes on Sonic X Spin Bowl game.

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