Sonic XS Game

Enjoy Sonic XS game online, this one was adapted from the original Sonic game and based on their well known classic look. It's a good mix of the interface and the enemies. On Sonic XS game story line, Amy Rose is kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. Your job is to play and save her, rescue Amy. But to do that, play Sonic online by killing all bad guys along the way and do it within 60 seconds.

This is another interesting online timed game so, when trying Sonic XS game, you have to play while moving very fast. This Sonic game of adventure and action is played and controlled just by using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Nothing is extra small on the Sonic XS Game. As a matter of fact, everything here is big big in adventures and big in fun.

Try playing this Sonic game in a full screen mode and you'll enjoy it so much better. What's so good about this game is that it's well crafted. Only a handful of Sonic games over the internet have cheats included in its programming. Essentially, you've got two choices here you can either play the game like it is or zip through it like you're invulnerable.

The other challenge is that you only got 60 seconds to finish the game. If you can't complete it within that time frame, you would have to start from scratch again. The dare is to save Amy Rose from her abductors and destroy all the enemy robots. If you're up to that mission, then let the games begin. Left Key moves him to the left while Right Key is for moving him to right direction.

To make the hero jump, press the Up Arrow. As usual, Sonic XS game has many rings to gather along him way. All the rings can be used to kill enemies. Play Sonic online for by pressing on the Space Bar - this way he'll toss a ring to eliminate them. In Sonic XS game you only have one life to live. So you better play then game accurately and reaching the finish line in one minute or less.

On this Sonic game, if you play and get too close to an enemy, you may lose life. Also, if Sonic lost his footing and fell down, you lose. Sonic XS game online accepts cheats at the beginning. Play Sonic typing the password and it will be activated. Enjoy Sonic XS game without downloading or installing any unknown or software on your PC and for free...only here, at

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