Sonic Xtreme 2 Game

Get Sonic running and jumping all over the game course in the quest the golden rings. Play Sonic collecting all of the rings that you see as you try to breeze your way towards the finish line. This game is also filled with enemies and obstacles. Try to take care of them as much as you take care of the golden rings. But your ultimate opponent of all in this game is the time.

It is quite impossible to collect all the golden rings and still finish the level within the time limit if you're not a pro. You have to breeze through the stages fast. Note that Sonic is only given three lives to start the game with. There are bonus lives available in each stage but getting to them can be quite a challenge. Try to finish the level within 100 seconds or Sonic will lose a life.

If you are just a beginner in the Sonic Xtreme 2 game, try to speed through the levels without focusing much on the golden rings. Have a feel of the stages so if you have to start it again, you will know exactly how to proceed and what to do. When Sonic runs out of life, the game goes back to the beginning. To play this game, the Arrow Keys are in use.

The Right and Left Arrow Keys will move Sonic either forward or backward. If you want to make him jump, simply press the Down Arrow Key. Pressing these controls may have varied effect on each of the characters. Familiarize yourself with what your character can do and go from there. Sonic is awarded points for every golden ring he collects and for every enemy he kills.

Carefully use all of Sonic's three lives so you can reach the very end of this game and unlock more characters. Try not to miss the extra lives given out in every stage. At the start of the game, you get to choose which character you play. You can pick from Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. And once you are able to complete the game, you'll be able to unlock Amy and Shadow.

You can also save and load your game as you go along. Note that each character has special super powers to boast about. Pick the character that matches your abilities so you can play and finish the levels much faster. For example, Sonic is great at jumping while Tails is good at flying. Choose the character that you believe can finish the stage for you in a much faster way.

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