Sonic Xtreme Game

If you've had enough of the usual Sonic game, then it is time to test your skills in a higher difficulty. This Sonic game is patterned after the original, Sonic Xtreme game offers you the thrill and excitement with a whole new set of challenges. Play Sonic and run over the fields, jump over enemies, and collect all coins all with a different look and background.

Consider Sonic Xtreme game as another level of a classic Sonic game. Play it in the same joy ride. Sonic Xtreme game was made for all those who love to Play Sonic but had mastered the original game long ago. You use identical skills and techniques in this fresh new Sonic game adventure. Do you really want to go to the extreme with Sonic? Then this game is especially made for you.

Just keep in mind that that this one is a timed game. Make sure that you're ready to rock once you click on the Start button. You only got Sonic and his powers to take advantage in this game. If you would like to ace the game, you better be a Sonic expert. This Sonic game happens inside a forest, as the background is leafy and green all over.

Control Sonic in the best that you can, considering all the woody hurdles all around. Don't forget those precious rings. Those Sonic game staples are going to be worth your character's life. And don't squirm on using Sonic's special abilities when you need it. You surely want to showcase his powers when the goings gets tough. Start the game and let your ultimate Sonic adventures begin.

The controls to be used to play the great Sonic Xtreme game are fairly identical too. The Arrow Keys are used to move him. The Left Arrow Key would take him towards Left. The Right leads him towards right. Play with the Space Bar if you want to make him jump and roll into a ball. In that position, Sonic Xtreme game lets you kill enemies.

If he is in the standing or running position, he loses a life once he touched an enemy. Sonic Xtreme game is a multi-level, timed one. Play Sonic and get points for every ring you collect. At the start of the game, you have 3 lives. Play using each life wisely to get to the finish line. You only have 100 seconds for each level of Sonic Xtreme game. Once your time runs out, you lose another life.

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