Sonica Game Online

Can't get enough of Sonic games? If so, you'll love to play Sonica game with never-ending fun and adventure. Sonica game is a strategy game which stars Sonic. The objective is to get all the coins on each level and then head for the door. Once you've done that without hitting any enemy, then you can play the next level. What is so good about Sonica game is that you got unlimited lives.

This means you can play this one and finish it in one sitting. Each level has different settings and a different difficulty - on the first, you have only one enemy to evade. As Sonica game progresses, there will be more bad guys. Play Sonic trying to be sure that do not get near them or he loses a life. You score a point every time you collect a coin.

In this one, you don't have to play the whole nine yards. The game board is limited to an 8x8 square and that's all you need to clear in order to get to the next few stages. If you want the same adventure minus all the hassles, this Sonic game is for you. You are sure to find yourself thrilled with this game and it will be the only one that you'll play for always.

Here's a Sonic game that can get you going. You won't have a whole stage to explore only a few inches to clear up. This is a refreshing game of Sonic for you indeed. Keep on playing until you get to the last few stages. That's when you can say that you can really ace all types of Sonic game in a jiffy. Find yourself enjoying this one to the max.

The controls on the Sonica game are fairly easy to remember as well. You only have to play with the Arrow Keys and the Space Bar. You play Sonic with the Arrows to move him in the desired direction. Only the Left and Right Keys work. To make Sonic jump over the bricks and over the enemies, you just have to press the Space Bar.

Like with most Sonic games, Sonica game is plenty of action and surprises, it can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. Your favorite Sonic game just got simpler, It is quite easy to learn and play. So if you love to play Sonic, you will certainly love Sonica game!

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