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This is an easy game with easy controls. To play it, you only need the Mouse to move Sonic all over game area. However, doing so could be somehow tricky. The rule is to navigate through game course in a swift and accurate manner. Click and press on Mouse button to make him fly up. To fly low, just release it - is all needed to do in the entire length of Super Sonic Click game.

The thing is that there are many obstacles. You don't want him flying head on to them or it is over. This is a multiple level game of the hedgehog, which is divided into several acts. This simple yet challenging click game is what you call a Sonic necessity. If you love Sonic, you should never miss this game. You have to experience a whole new kind of adventure with this one.

There's no stopping you from calling yourself the ultimate Sonic champion after completing this game with flying colors. Find out how good you can really get playing the gregarious hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Super Sonic Click takes you into a world of sheer fun and adventure. Prepare yourself for the big challenges ahead. There are gonna be quite many of them.

You must prove yourself worthy of being called a champion by making real good in this one. With the monstrous power and his innate abilities, you may easily make what you want to do reach the doors of success. Life can really be so simple in his surreal world. Start the game right away and let the adventure starts. Begin a journey that can answer your all your adventure cravings.

Sonic is a very reliable gaming character. With your skills and his powers, you are going to be invulnerable. Unleash the force that's within him. Only a master like you're able to accomplish that. Play Act 1, it's the warehouse. There would be boxes scattered all around. Keep him from even touching them while flying away in order to continue with the rest of the course.

Once Sonic crashed on anything, you have to start your game again. Here you need to time the release and the holding on mouse too. Play Sonic trying to not make a wrong move - you would crash and lose your single life. It means you must begin the act again. Help Sonic fly up and down as accurately as needed.

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