Super Sonic Motobike

The entertaining Sonic Motobike is here to give you a very exciting driving lesson. Try to see if you can finish all the levels with just a few tries. There are only seven levels in this game and if you are quite familiar with driving games, you can easily zoom through all of them. However, you've got to treat this particular game with ample respect for not all levels are a walk in the park.

First off, when you play, you will notice that there are broken tracks in every level. That means you have to jump right off to clear them and continue on with the game. And as you go along, those gaps get longer. That is precisely how the game gives you added challenges. How can you clear a very long jump? That's what left for you to find out and try in this game.

But the great news is that, this interesting game is offered with unlimited lives. Sonic can play the course over an over again until he gets it right. You can then adapt different strategies until you clear all the levels with flying colors. Remember that Sonic and his blue bike always work as one. Sonic's motorbike can be moved with the use of the Arrow Keys.

This driving game is controlled in almost the same way as the rest of the driving games you've played before. Press the Up Arrow to accelerate Sonic's motorbike. If you want him to drive backwards, press the Down Key. For instances that Sonic's motorbike is about to crash down or tumble over, try to reverse the situation by pressing either the Left Arrow Key or the Right Arrow Key.

Check the status of your game by looking at the details right below the game screen. The number of rings you collect is shown there, including the current level that you are in. If you want to reset the game at any point, simply press R. That button is most helpful anytime you get stuck. If all driving games can be completed under the theory of careful driving, this one is different.

You won't be able to finish all the stages if you are afraid to pick up some speed and boost your momentum. Oftentimes, you are required to make a very high jump. And that's very hard to do if you haven't gained enough velocity in your drive. Skillful driving is what you'll ultimately need in order to win the Super Sonic Motobike it online and for free!

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