Ultimate Flash Sonic Game

Play Ultimate Flash Sonic game, is very much similar to the original Sonic game. It is the flash game version of that popular game although it was not made by Sega. Play Sonic in a password-save mode, so you play and then continue your adventures with Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails whenever you want.

The objective of Ultimate Flash Sonic game is to go through the obstacles in the playing field. There are different acts and stages in this Sonic game, and each is presented with a different background layout, set of enemies, and level of difficulty. At the beginning of Ultimate Flash Sonic game, you play choosing which character you'd like to be. You can play Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles.

Thread through the rings and ace every level - that's what you should do in this Sonic game. Sonic is in his element in this game and winning won't be so hard. Master the controls of the game and you should be good. The obstacles are a no match to Sonic's innate abilities. You'll find everything about this game quite simple for a pro like you. All Sonic fans are invited to try this game.

Like its name says, it offers the ultimate experience among all Sonic games. Try your raw skills against the new enemies and the new terrains in every stage. You'll need more than just tough luck to find your way through the end of the mazes. Play as Sonic or as any other character.

After acing through the stages with Sonic as your player, complete all the levels again using Tails, Knuckles or Cream. Don't forget to save your progress! If you have cheats and passwords, put them in at the start of the game. To control Ultimate Flash Sonic game, play using the Arrow Keys and Space Bar. The Arrows would move Sonic to the respective direction. Press Space to jump.

The Spin Dash is achieved by pressing Space and holding Down Key. Once Sonic is in motion, release the Down Key and press Left or Right to move him towards the target. Play Ultimate Flash Sonic game in 2 modes, Main Game which is an obstacle rich adventure type of a game and Time Trial, wherein you play Sonic trying your skills against time. Enjoy Ultimate Flash Sonic game.

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